Tuesday, 8 April 2014


It's one year since the wife of the son of Kenya's founding father, lifted a bible for him, in front of thousands. Well in short, tomorrow, the greenhorn jubilee administration is celebrating it's first anniversary since assuming office.

A first time anniversary is one of the best events of all times except for funerals. The question dancing in most of Kenyans' minds is, has Uhuru really walked the talk?

As a Kenyan youth, I came up with a letter which I hope you will give me a hand in reaching to the son of JOMO.

"Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. My fourth president. I am one of your million youth whom you are working hard to make them smile in moons to come.

I want to admit one thing sir. You inspire me a lot and I can affirm that you are a role model to thousands and millions are looking up to you.

Any action you take in your present life will affect me and my fellow youths of this great nation Kenya.

I believe you have an agenda for us, not only the youth but the entire nation. Your father, the founding father, also had a dream to transform this beautiful land of Kenya.

But one thing is to stand, that the mistakes he made while holding the highest office in Kenyan soil, still haunts our fathers and us. God gave you the power so as to make your ‘daddy’s dream’ become a reality.

So the simplest mistake you make in current time will have a huge impact to me, my fellow young men and women  and our children.

There is the ‘nightmare’ of insecurity in Kenya, ICC cases, elevating poverty and the education menace just to mention a few. These are some of the impending issues affecting your people. I believe you can change it.

Corruption is milking this land dry. All you need is a snap. Crack a whip your excellency. Make the mischief makers face the full consequences of the law as per the great document of the constitution.

Mr. Uhuru, one day you will leave that office and whatever you do now will either make us give you a glowing tribute or lower our eye brows and wish you never rose to become the Chief of General Staff.

It's either you win...or loose badly. Make us hope for the best but not prepare for the worst.

I have a dream that my land Kenya will one day surge and stand out to become the best globalwise.

I hope you have come along such a dream. I am ready to walk that dream with you. From scratches to scores and it’s widely possible.

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