Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Terrorism has been a menace all over the globe. The ones doing away with lives are not more human than others. They usually use religious reasons for committing the atrocities. They view this as their as their main drive.

Different countries have reacted to terrorism cases differently. Some choose to unite its citizens and protect its boundaries. It is so sad that my country, Kenya, chose to do away with one community. The Somalis in Kenya have suffered the most out of terrorists attacks.

Two months ago, after the Likoni church attack, the government chose to weed out illegal immigrants. Somalis were mostly affected by the raids. Up to date, the security tools  have not officially reported how many terrorists have been brought to book.

They detained thousands of them saying they are illegal immigrants since they did not know Swahili or didn't have their ID cards.

The irony of a government that has failed to issue its own citizens Identity Cards since ages ago.

A camp was created in the outskirts of the capital Nairobi. Almost a hundred of them were deported back to Somalia. The dancing question remains; where are the rest?

KTN investigative journalist, Mohamed Ali, and other patriotic Kenyans visited the stadium and they were denied access. 
The same day, Deputy President William Ruto on Citizens TV's, the big question show, stated that there are no refugees in the stadium. 

The begging question is, why would the police deny people access to the stadium while there is no 'illegal immigrant' inside?

Kenyans came up with this wonderful project of helping the ones inside the stadium. As you all know, its Ramadhan month and they need Iftar (food for opening Ramadan).

To lend a hand in assisting, send Mpesa to > 0717555990

I hope the pictures below make sense to you. Lets donate and help them. We need them more than they need us.









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